The right amenities in your Breckenridge vacation rental will go a long way in attracting guests and maximizing your occupancy rates. Obviously, it’s a good idea to make sure that your rental is stocked with all the comforts of home and then some to ensure that your guests have a great time when they’re not out and about. But, what if you added some amenities to your vacation rental that made it easier for your guests to enjoy all that Breckenridge has to offer? Here are five of the top amenities that you can include with your rental that will help guests experience the best of Breck.

Boot Heater and Dryer

Boot Heaters/Dryers

If you ski or snowboard, you know how uncomfortable it is to put on a pair of cold, wet boots before you head out to the slopes. Make it simple for your guests to start their day on the right foot with boot heaters/dryers. There are a variety of affordable boot heater and dryer options out there that will give your guests that extra touch of convenience after they’ve spent a long day at the ski resort.

Sleds or Snow Tubes

Carter Park is likely to be on your guests’ winter vacation itinerary as it boasts the sledding hill of choice in Breckenridge. But the park doesn’t offer sled rentals. Don’t force your guests to purchase a sled or snow tube during their trip. Instead, keep one or two on hand so that they can head to the sledding hill on a moment’s notice.

Father Sledding with Son
Pair of Red Snowshoes


Purchase a few pairs of snowshoes (or snowshoe kits) for your vacation rental so that your guests have the option to get out there and explore the area’s natural beauty. Not only are there two Nordic centers in Breckenridge, but there are lots of trails in and around town that are great for guests of all ages.

Hiking Trail Guide Books

There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Summit County and it can be difficult to figure out which one to pick. While there is no shortage of online trail guides, it’s always nice to have a book on hand for easy reference. For an added touch, take the time to highlight those trails that are your favorites so your guests have an easier time choosing a trail.

Travel Guide Book
Mountain Bikes On a Hill Against a Sunset


There are lots of opportunities for road and mountain biking in and around Breckenridge. It’s not always possible to rent a bicycle in town, especially if a bike ride is a spur of the moment decision or it’s a busy holiday weekend. Having a couple of bicycles (and helmets) on hand gives your guests even more of a chance to explore bicycle-friendly Breck.

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