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Breckenridge Property Management Services

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Rental, Services, and Asset Protection

Whether you’re an experienced vacation rental owner or you’re looking to rent for the very first time, we have the solution for you. We take care of everything – from sales and marketing to maintenance and housekeeping. You can be sure that your home is in good hands and that we’ll increase your rental revenue.

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Global Marketing Services

iTrip’s marketing strategy doesn’t stop at top site placement on top VR sites. We develop a relationship with our past guests by offering reviewers an incentive to return, send a thank you and Starbucks card to reviewers, and send newsletters about all our iTrip markets around the country.  Our strong web presence/social media strategy enables us to book 20% of our business in addition to the vacation rental sites!  We will increase the income your investment generates – guaranteed.

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Specifics & Cost of iTrip Breckenridge Program

30% of gross lodging income


Sign Up Now! – The next 10 owners that contract with us with get 28% commission for a full year!

Items Covered in our Program

  • Credit card fees – costs iTrip 3%
  • All guest services – when a trip doesn’t result in a durable “fix” (like lighting a pilot or extra towels), we don’t charge you
  • Complete field management of all maintenance issues
  • All Property Marketing – all advertising, professional HDR photos, professional copy
  • All Pricing & Promotion Management with our cutting edge software that retrieves competitive pricing and occupancy data to arrive at a suggested system price
  • Inspections Between Each Guest Party – to ensure a great guest experience for top tier guest reviews
  • Deep Inspections – full inventory, functional and cosmetic audit, bulbs and batteries
  • Guest-caused damage or loss – the majority of guest damage unless it’s concealed or wear and tear
  • All minor kitchen items and wine glasses
  • Sales tax management – completely handled by us
  • Lock Solution
    • Electronic door locks – new door code for each guest, very secure (lock costs us $375) or…
    • Mechanical lock boxes – your choice – both are free

Guest Costs

  • Cleaning fees – $85-$400 for studios to 5 bedrooms. It includes linen rental, household supplies, coffee and toiletries
  • Limited Damage Waiver – $18 for 2 bedrooms – $92 for 5+ bedroom luxury homes.

Owner Costs

  • Mortgage, utilities, homeowners’ insurance, HOA fees, remodeling and furnishings
  • Cleaning Fee – We bill your cleans at our cost.  If your party size is under half your property’s maximum guest count, you only pay for linens and $25/hour for labor when you inform us 24 hours in advance of your checkout.

Maintenance Management Services

  • Maintenance services:  we handle whatever needs to be fixed in-house for most calls at an hourly rate of $75.  Outside invoices are passed straight through unless significant management of the issue was required.
  • Standard-sized bulbs/batteries are an annual owner expense per below, but no labor charge / trip fee. (Annual Charge Per Property Based on Bedrooms = 0/$30 1/$35 2/$40 3/$45 4/$50 5/$55)

Annual Expenses

  • Fireplace Inspection
  • Boiler, furnace, water heater – only on request

Annual Cleanings:

  • Deep clean (cost is 2-3x the cost of a guest clean for your property size)
  • Window cleaning ($100-300+ depending on property size)
  • Carpet-upholstery ($150-400 depending on size and need)

For properties NOT in an HOA that manages these services:

  • Snow removal on driveway – $100-$150/month Nov – April
  • Roof snow removal – $400-900 per season only if roofline profile and snowmelt require it
  • Walks/decks snow removal – $40/hour, done as needed
  • Trash removal – $25 per pickup for garage service + $70 refundable trash bin
  • Weekly hot tub maintenance – $118/month, free flush and refill when needed
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