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Specifics & Cost of iTrip Breckenridge Program

30% of gross lodging income

Sign Up Now! – The next 10 owners that contract with us with get 28% commission for a full year!

Items Covered in our Program

  • Credit card fees – costs iTrip 3%
  • All guest service – when a trip doesn’t result in a durable “fix” (like lighting a pilot or extra towels) we don’t charge you
  • Complete field management of all maintenance issues
  • All Property Marketing – all advertising, professional HDR photos, professional copy
  • All Pricing & Promotion Management with our cutting edge software that retrieves competitive pricing and occupancy data to arrive at a suggested system price
  • Inspections Between Each Guest Party – to ensure a great guest experience for top tier guest reviews
  • Deep Inspections – full inventory, functional and cosmetic audit, bulbs and batteries
  • Guest-caused damage or loss – the majority of guest damage unless it’s concealed or wear and tear
  • All minor kitchen items and wine glasses
  • Sales tax management – completely handled by us
  • Lock Solution
    • Electronic door locks – new door code for each guest, very secure (lock costs us $375) or…
    • Mechanical lock boxes – your choice – both are free

Guest Costs

  • Cleaning fees – $85-$400 for studios to 5 bedrooms. It includes linen rental, household supplies, coffee and toiletries
  • Limited Damage Waiver – $18 for 2 bedrooms – $92 for 5+ bedroom luxury homes.

Owner Costs

  • Mortgage, utilities, homeowners’ insurance, HOA fees, remodeling and furnishings
  • Cleaning Fee – We bill your cleans at our cost.  If your party size is under half your property’s maximum guest count, you only pay for linens and $25/hour for labor when you inform us 24 hours in advance of your checkout.

Maintenance Management Services

  • Maintenance services:  we handle whatever needs to be fixed in-house for most calls at an hourly rate of $75.  Outside invoices are passed straight through unless significant management of the issue was required.
  • Standard-sized bulbs/batteries are an annual owner expense per below, but no labor charge / trip fee. (Annual Charge Per Property Based on Bedrooms = 0/$30 1/$35 2/$40 3/$45 4/$50 5/$55)

Annual Expenses

  • Fireplace Inspection
  • Boiler, furnace, water heater – only on request

Annual Cleanings:

  • Deep clean (cost is 2-3x the cost of a guest clean for your property size)
  • Window cleaning ($100-300+ depending on property size)
  • Carpet-upholstery ($150-400 depending on size and need)

For properties NOT in an HOA that manages these services:

  • Snow removal on driveway – $100-$150/month Nov – April
  • Roof snow removal – $400-900 per season only if roofline profile and snowmelt require it
  • Walks/decks snow removal – $40/hour, done as needed
  • Trash removal – $25 per pickup for garage service + $70 refundable trash bin
  • Weekly hot tub maintenance – $118/month, free flush and refill when needed
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