The question of whether to use a property management company or self-manage your vacation rental is one that nearly all vacation property owners have considered at one point or another. It can be difficult to figure out which one will suit your needs best, especially if you’re new to the vacation rental industry. As such, we’ve put together a brief article highlight the most popular benefits that come with using a property management company – perks that may not be so readily available should you decide to manage your own rental property.

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Fewer Vacancies


It’s in a property management companies best interests to aggressively market your property and target guests. After all, that’s how they make their money, right? These companies also have increased marketing capabilities. Not only can they easily get your property listed on multiple sites, but they can show off your property on social media, get visitors to your property’s website with content marketing, and much more.

Simplified Bookkeeping


Bookkeeping for vacation rentals can get complicated. If you don’t have any experience with knowing what expenses and income to track, that can lead to any number of problems in the long run. A management company will provide you with regular, easy-to-ready statements that detail all of the financial activities associated with your property. In some instances, as it is with Breckenridge Vacation Properties, your company will handle all the necessary tax collection and remittance.

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Already Established Relationships


It can be difficult to find reliable people to provide the quality services that your vacation rental will require, including cleaning and repairs. If you don’t live near your vacation rental, the process of finding these individuals can be even more challenging. A property management company will have its own list of qualified plumbers, electricians, etc. as well as preferred house cleaning companies. They will have already taken the time to thoroughly vet and evaluate them, so you won’t have to.

Get Into the Rental Game Quicker


If this is your first time renting out your vacation property, you’ll start seeing rental income much quicker when you partner with a management company. It will be an efficient process that eliminates the need for you to learn the ins and outs of property management. In just a short time period, you can expect to see your property on multiple listing sites and in front of thousands of potential guests.

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Want to Learn More?


Our Frequently Asked Questions page has even more information on what you can expect when you partner with Breckenridge Vacation Properties. In addition, our Self-Managed Property Owner page covers even more of the benefits of working with a property management company. Feel free to give us a call at (970) 528-9700 – we look forward to speaking with you!

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