Meet Sandy, Owner of Breckenridge Market of iTrip Vacations

Sandy of Breckenridge Vacation Properties


Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, Sandy’s passion for real estate started early from exposure to home improvement projects at home as a kid.  After completing a marketing degree at University of Colorado in Boulder, Sandy worked for big companies in consumer products and technology while buying, fixing up and renting out single family homes in the Denver area and getting a Masters in Information Technology.  Sandy pursued her dream of her own business starting in 2012 after finding iTrip Vacations.  This opportunity intersected all Sandy’s favorite stuff: real estate, software and long-term, trusted business relationships. Being able to work from home in a young, unregulated industry in the white-hot “sharing economy” are just bonuses!

Revenues exceeded $1.5M last year and we are on track to hit or exceed that in 2020, despite the virus. Our owners are happy, our guests have blessed each property with far more and better reviews per property than our competition, and our operations are tighter, more proactive, and more efficient than ever with our tenured, local staff.


iTrip Vacations is now the largest, most recognized name in rental management nationally through our franchise model.  Deep partnerships and software integrations with the booking sites give us economies of scale and advantaged operating costs our owners and guests enjoy with us.  Now that most bookings are happening through online booking partners, many guests are starting to pay attention to the fee shown as a separate line item on their reservations.  Since we are the only widespread national franchise covering most of the biggest markets at this point, we are uniquely positioned to provide our owners a sustainable booking advantage since we get so many calls from guests looking to book on iTrip Vacations in one market after having had such a great experience in another market.  Homeowners that come to us will get more income, and less hassles, guaranteed!  To talk more, please contact Sandy (970)389-3737 sandy@itrip.net

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