Investing in a few gadgets for your vacation rental can go a long way in making the rental process better for everyone involved. Smart technology is making it easier than ever to ensure that your home or condo is safe and secure – even if you’re thousands of miles away. Not only that, but it can help your guests to have a more enjoyable experience while staying in your property. So, if you’ve been thinking about making some upgrades, here are three cool tools to help make your vacation rental even more awesome.
ResortLock Door Lock


If you buy a ResortLock for your property, you’ll never need to worry about getting keys to guests again. Coordinating key pick-up times, replacing lost keys, or dealing with frozen lock boxes in the winter are just a few examples of what can go wrong. Not only is it vexing for you, but it can affect your guests’ experience as well. ResortLock eliminates all those challenges. With it, you can create temporary guest codes that expire at the end of the guest’s stay and can’t be used again. You can check who’s accessed your rental and when. And if need be, you can instantly create a code through your computer or smartphone. Guests enjoy easy access while you know for sure who can get into your rental.

Garageio Device


With Garageio, you can control your garage door from almost anywhere in the world. You won’t have to worry if guests, maintenance people, or housekeepers inadvertently leave your garage open. Should that happen, you’ll receive an alert on your phone and have the ability to close it from wherever you are. Granting garage access to guests is as easy as logging into your account, entering their email address, and clicking a button. Garageio works with a variety of different models and it can be used in conjunction with services like Amazon Echo, Stringify, and more.

Facebook Beacon

Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons

If you’ve set up a Facebook page for your vacation property, you should look into getting a Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon for your rental. When guests open the Facebook app while in your home, they’ll get more information about your property. This includes other guest reviews as well as photos and posts on your page. They’ll also be prompted to check in and like your page. Over time, this can do a lot to improve your rental property’s online visibility. Guests will be more inclined to rent your house or condo when they see positive reviews and posts. If you’re interested, you’ll have to request a beacon from Facebook and they’re currently prioritizing businesses that have a strong Facebook presence.

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