iTrip® Breckenridge Vacation Properties

(Leading Edge Property Management Solutions)

Breckenridge Vacation Properties

(Vacation Rental Property Management Solutions)

Breckenridge Vacation Properties

(Vacation Rental Property Management Solutions)

Breckenridge Vacation Properties

(Vacation Rental Property Management Solutions)

iTrip® Breckenridge

Big company results, small company care.

Breckenridge has around 7,000 rental properties.  When you’re on page 1 or 2 of guest searches, guess what happens to your income?

Guest review count and results help determine rank, among many other factors in each listing, like picture count, the presense of video links, and top partner status for booking process and guest service.  Already, we average around 40 great reviews per property – far above the market average.

We also book seamlessly on,,, Expedia, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, AirBnB and 15+ others.  And after we get all those bookings, our web and social media presence get us an additional 17% bookings over and above what the guest booking sites provide.  

We are iTrip® Breckenridge.    Delighted guests = delighted you!

Our Services

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Rentals + Services + Asset Protection

How do we provide exceptional bookings, great property care, and asset protection without the nasty sting of paying 50% or more? Our ultra-­efficient, franchised global marketing model with local ownership is uniquely effective in both making you more and costing you less!!

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Global Property Marketing by iTrip®

Listing your property on the top 30 major rental sites globally differentiates us from most of our competitors. Very high review counts (20-50 per property) makes our listings appear high in the listing sort order on the biggest websites. Our comprehensive web presence reflects the reality that the first step in booking a vacation is often destination research, so we employ in­-house bloggers and web experts whose bookings comprise a full 20% of our total bookings. Nobody does it better than iTrip!!

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Our Vacation Homes Available for Rent

Looking to visit Breckenridge? We welcome you to stay at any of our beautiful vacation homes.


Whether you’re already renting, looking for a competitive management company, or you’re new to the industry, there’s a lot of money to be made! We market where the traveler is searching and that’s what you need to do! Before you can get reservations, you need to be found and exposed to numerous travelers. We’re here to help you maximize your vacation rental’s online exposure so that it gets as many eyes on it as possible.

Let Us Help Make the Most of Your Rental Property

With the right property management services, you can maximize the return you get on your Breckenridge investment property. Breck is a prime vacation destination and as such, there are a number of property management companies in town. Choosing the best company essentially comes down to ensuring that not only will you get the services you want and need but that you’ll receive as much rental revenue as possible. While those are your goals, they’re our goals, too. We strive to establish amazing relationships with all of our owners because frankly, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Currently With a Property Management Company?

If you’re currently with a property management company, it’s always a good idea to periodically re-evaluate your available options. As previously mentioned, one of our goals is to help you make more money. We accomplish this through a variety of means. First off, we charge a low commission rate of just 30%. In addition, our cutting edge iTrip technology platforms work to dramatically lower our overhead costs – savings that we are more than happy to pass along to you. We aggressively market your property on virtually all available travel partner websites. Not only does this help to get your property seen more, but it increases your occupancy rates, and gets your property more reviews. The more quality reviews your property has, the higher its visibility on travel partner sites.

Another benefit of working with iTrip Breckenridge is that we handle everything for you. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to make sure that your guests get the services they need for an incredible vacation experience. Your property will be inspected between bookings and we take care of the majority of guest-caused damage.

Considering Renting Out Your Home or Condo?

For those of you who are thinking about renting out your home, we understand that it’s a big decision to make. Most second homeowners feel that there are more pros to renting out their homes than cons. If you do decide to rent out your property, we’ll establish custom house rules for your home that reflect your requirements and preferences. There’s also no need to worry that you’ll have limited access to your own property. WeThere are no blackout dates, so you can use your property whenever you’d like just by reserving it through our online Owner Portal.

Managing Your Own Property?

Perhaps you’re already renting out your Breckenridge vacation home but you’re a self-managing property owner. You handle all the bookings, provide guest services, take care of any maintenance issues, and much more. While this route may save you some money, as you don’t have to pay commission rates, it can be challenging while also taking up a significant amount of your time. When you partner with the right property management company, the increased rental revenue you receive will more than make up for the cost of commissions.

Having a strong online presence and getting quality reviews are just two of the difficulties you face when you manage your own property. Most vacation rental sites charge some sort of booking or subscription fee and you have to go into each one individually to maintain property details and the reservation calendar. With Breckenridge Vacation Properties, you’l have listings on all of these sites at no cost to you and they’ll be managed and synced through our iTrip system. As you’re probably aware, online reviews go a long way in convincing potential guests that your property is a great choice. We work hard to make sure that your property gets as many good guest reviews as possible.

Finally, knowing how to price your vacation home or condo is something that takes a while to learn. Without the proper tools or know-how, you run the risk of overpricing your property and getting no rentals or underpricing your property and not getting the revenue you need. Our system automatically pulls pricing data from rental sites for properties that are similar to yours and recommends the best price. It’s simple, easy, and works wonders in finding the perfect property price point.

Keep it Simple

Having your Breckenridge vacation property managed should be straightforward. That’s why we keep our practices and policies transparent. You won’t have to sign any long-term management contract with us. All of your income will be direct deposited into your account. We’ll handle any necessary permits or licenses. You can use your property whenever or however much you want. We provide you with a clear breakdown of any costs that you may have to cover and those that we cover. And you can review all bookings, maintenance items, and much more through iTrip’s online Owner Portal.

Get started today with a free income estimate for your Breckenridge home or condo. Give us a call at (970) 528-9700 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you!

iBreck has done a superb job of renting and caring for our Breckenridge townhome. Over the 20 years of renting, we have had several property management agencies. iBreck has been the best by far!

Jim P.

iTrip Rental Owner

I have had a few property managers over the years so I know the drill. I get all the postcards in the mail from people to manage my property. When I got the info from iTrip last year, I wondered what the “catch” was going to be. Amazingly, there is none! Low management fee, easy website, no drama. The great part is that I made far more money than any other of the 14 years that I have owned my ski condo. The website makes it easy to block out times when I want to use it. I love it! Thanks, Sandy, and keep those rent wire transfers coming! Ken C.

iTrip Rental Owner

I have been through many management companies, but iTrip increased my net income by 50% in the first year! Fred E.

iTrip Rental Owner

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